Web (Site) Editor at The Guardian/Nipashe

Job Title: Web (Site) Editor

Job Place: Dar es Salaam

The Guardian/Nipashe


This position requires a digital savvy bilingual journalist obsessed with using data 8 insights to generate engaging content and build audiences across multiple platforms.

She/He should have a proven track record in creating targeted, interactive web 8 social media content, managing online communities and converting casual readers and followers into engaged fans.
As an audience-first digital journalist, she/he should be obsessed with quality, clarity, accuracy and speed and should also be comfortable with various content management systems (WordPress, Drupal, CoreMedia), analytics tools (Chartbeat, Google Analytics) and footprint 8 impact trackers (Keyhole, Hootsuite).

Main Responsibilities:

  • Using audience data to refine content strategies for news, features and special projects for TGL’s YouTube and social media pages, focusing on mobile-first delivery.
  • Developing monthly content calendars (outside events stories)for guardian.co.tz, ensuring a consistent pipeline of original digital reporting and exclusive web stories.
  • Uploading 8 distribute articles (text, visuals 8 audios) to guardian.co.tz and other TGL sites and social media channels
  • Ensuring accurate and timely content delivery for distinct/specialised audiences.
  • Editing headlines and copy for websites, video 8 social media platforms utilising SEO best practices (use of metadata, tags, keywords, internal linking, optimised media).
  • Championing the use of videos and interactive photographs across TGL websites 8 social media pages
  • Ensuring content is of evidently publishable quality.
  • Prioritizing web coverage to focus on readership (engagement) and impact, giving prominence to content demonstrating confirmed newsworthiness and clarity.
  • Developing and deploying new content formats, including new segments for existing TGL video platforms (YouTube 8 Instagram), interactive stories and visualisations.
  • Researching and cultivating 8 operationalised new digital distribution platforms for TGLcontent (e.g. TikTok, Discord), working closely with managing editors, on Online 8 New Content.
  • Cultivating and effectively managing relationships with various sources and stakeholders to ensure that newsmakers talk digital-first.
  • Serving as digital liaison and champion with TGL’s various news desks 8 content team, helping them learn to deliver news for digital platforms first.
  • Generating and disseminating creative multimedia content in keeping with changing news landscape realities and convergence requirements.
  • Researching, preparing and producing content for TGL online publications
  • Reacting to stories trending on social media and making live presentations on TGL Digital, informing the public on the same
  • Website management and Content Management Systems (CMS) – updating TGL’s websites on a 24-hour cycle to meet targets for assigned sub-sections
  • Proof reading and editing online copy for newspaper websites.
  • Ensuring all articles and posts observe correct grammar and style guidelines.
  • Testing website usability and appearance for attractiveness and errors.
  • Designing new features for website to increase user engagement.
  • Monitoring website communications to discern and forestall problems
  • Integrating SEO (search engine optimisation) and improving content to maximise effectiveness
  • Fulfilling any other duties or responsibilities assigned by head of unit.

Minimum Qualifications and Experience:

  • Bachelor’s degree in Journalism/Mass Communication or equivalent from a recognised institution.
  • Three years’ working experience, preferably in a newsroom or other media environment in progressively responsible editorial or content production roles.
  • Expertise relating to digital audiences, content creation and distribution using various CMSes, editing 8 sharing video (Premier Pro, Final Cut, MimoLIVE).
  • Knowledge of motion graphics, animations, visual effects (Blender, Adobe AE), HTML, CSS, 8 JAVAScript will be an added advantage.


Apply online via email address: vacancy@guardian.co.tz by 31st October, 2023.

NB: Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted for an interview.

Please, note that The Guardian Limited is an equal opportunity employer.