Unit Manager-Packaging at Coca-Cola Kwanza (Tanzania)

Job Title: Unit Manager-Packaging

Job Category: Manufacturing

Job Type: Permanent

Location – Country: Tanzania
Location – Province: Not Applicable
Location – Town / City: Dar es Salaam

Closing Date: 2023/12/27

Reference Number: CCB231211-3

Coca-Cola Kwanza (Tanzania) The Company is looking forward to employ a talented individual with the relevant skills and experience in Manufacturing for the job position of Unit Manager – Packaging which will based in Dar es Salaam

Job Description:

Coca-Cola Kwanza Ltd has an exciting opportunity in Manufacturing Department. We are looking for a talented individual with the relevant skills and experience in Manufacturing for a Unit Manager – Packaging position, which will based in Dar es Salaam. The successful candidate will report directly to the Manufacturing Manager.

Key Duties & Responsibilities

The incumbent will be responsible for the following.

  1. To draw up and communicate a business plan annually so that direction and objectives of the department are optimally planned, executed and monitored in line with CCBA’s strategic objectives.
  • Business is developed annually in line with strategic imperatives and benchmark guidelines
  • Business plan consists of production plans, quality plans, raw material utilisation plans, people development plans, unit structure, suggested projects, timelines and technology/equipment.
  • Business plan supports world class principles

2. To set performance goals together with the team so that team members know, understand, and can work effectively as a team towards common goals and purpose

  • Performance goals are in line with the context issues, previous performance and business plan
  • Performance goals are developed and agreed annually together with management and the Team Leaders
  • Performance goals define, customers, line utilisation, raw material utilisation, quality performance goals (product and package)

3. To drive WCM (World Class Maturity) initiatives on own Lines

  • Leads the WCM change management processes
  • Formulates work practice deployment plans and ensures that plans are executed
  • Conducts work practice maturity assessments on a regular basis to ensure that best practices are being applied and are entrenched
  • Benchmarking best practice (internal and external)

4. To manage and support team leaders and team to achieve production, maintenance and quality targets in a cost-effective manner

  • Deviations from production plan, maintenance plan, quality, safety and housekeeping standards are discussed, explained and actioned together with the Team Leaders, daily
  • Work instructions are available and updated (as and when required) for every machine and activity (operational, maintenance, safety, quality, sanitation, housekeeping, etc.)
  • Deviations from work instructions are discussed and rectified together with Team Leaders, ongoing

5. To formulate and control expense and capital budgets so that expenses are planned for and managed effectively within budgetary parameters

  • Expense and capital budgets are formulated in line with financial guidelines, production budget and with the business plan
  • The formulated expense budget includes all expense items as per expense format
  • Budgeting to be benchmark driven

6. To encourage, assist, support and coach Team Leaders so that departmental targets, performance and future challenges are achieved effectively

  • Actively supports, coaches and encourages the Team Leaders to use the ACS tools as per the CCBA guidelines and specified intervals
  • Diverse opinions and cultures of the Team are being respected
  • Team relationships are underpinned by trust

7. To sell, manage, implement and actively support change interventions and projects to encourage the unit to internalise the change to meet operational targets

  • Continuous communication about reasons for change, processes involved, effects, benefits, etc.
  • Effectiveness of change intervention is measured and results are fed back to team, monthly
  • Full team participation in change process is encouraged

8. To solve systemic problems to save costs, minimise risk and losses and to improve productivity in line with benchmarks

  • Systems and processes are improved, revised, changed and designed as and when required
  • Solution is applied to other, similar systemic problems
  • Relevant people are involved
  • Unit members are coached and empowered to solve their own situational problems.

Skills, Experience & Education

The incumbent should have at least a Degree in Engineering (Mechanical, Electrical or Industrial); 3 – 5 years as maintenance controller or specialist in Packaing area with production and leadership experience in a FMCG environment. Strong communication skills, good leadership qualities, good analytical skills, and a demonstrated high level of integrity.