Project SME Coordinator Job Vacancy at CVPeople Tanzania

Job Title: Project SME Coordinator Job Vacancy

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Job Type: Full Time

Job Location: Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

Posted On: 6/11/2023

Job Description:

A SME coordinator is recruited to work in a team to deliver the organization project activities. He/she will be responsible for supporting the implementation of project activities at field level in assigned provinces of central highland regions, providing strategic advice and management support. The role entails intensive engagement with the project partners and stakeholders. The SME Coordinator is expected to work closely and perform the following responsibilities but not limited to:

Project Coordination:

  • Develop activities, projects and provide strategic advice, focused on the engagement of the pepper private actors in Tanzania
  • Work closely with partners /donors to explore opportunities and develop activities/initiatives to support and address the issues of the pepper sector
  • Facilitate and ensure the effective engagement and participation of companies in project activities
  • Coordinate and undertake activities/events organized as specified in the project plan in collaboration with SMEs
  • Support to organize meeting (content and logistics) with SMEs
  • Facilitate/organize trade promotion events
  • Work as team member to ensure the implementation of activities with partners at field level
  • Knowledge of various fundraising techniques and strategies, with a track record of successfully securing funds.
  • Lead the thinking on improving business enabling environments for small and medium enterprises (SME) in Tanzania
  • Develop partnerships with others financial intermediaries (banks and non-banks) to strengthen financial infrastructures for SMEs, to develop training for SMEs, and to share knowledge on best practices for banking for SMEs;
  • Supervise the implementation of the SME strategy and provide technical input on how to develop suitable SME financial products; and
  • Identifying potential collaborating partners for research on successful financing of SMEs and developing a leading knowledge database on SME financing solutions and best practice risk management strategies for successful operations financing SMEs.
  • Designing, implementing, monitoring, managing SME operations in all organization’s activities
  • Collaborating closely with other institutions to ensure complementarities and synergies in the development of successful SMEs in order to achieve overall strong developmental results and impact;
  • Acquiring knowledge through research, analysis of performance data, participation in think tanks and workshops and through keeping updated on the published literature on financing and developing SMEs lending;
  • Formulating proposals for mobilizing funding from various donors, foundations and partner banks, for implementing training programs/seminars/events/initiatives targeting development and financing of SMEs;
  • Identifying existing financial products, designing new financial products and introducing new financial products to increase access to financing for SMEs and to meet their needs;
  • Monitoring, supervising and reporting on ongoing SME operations; measuring and analyzing results, outcomes and impacts of the SME operations in organization’s activities
  • Working on any other tasks assigned by the Program Manager.


  • Fundraising Strategy: Develop and execute fundraising strategies to secure financial resources for SME projects. Collaborate with management to identify potential funding sources, such as grants, sponsorships, and partnerships.
  • Grant Proposal Development: Write compelling grant proposals and applications tailored to various funding opportunities. Ensure that proposals align with the organization’s mission and project objectives.
  • Relationship Building: Cultivate and maintain relationships with potential donors, sponsors, and partners. Engage in regular communication to keep them informed of project progress and impact.
  • Budget Management: Work in tandem with the finance team to create project budgets, ensuring that fundraising goals are aligned with budgetary needs. Track and manage funds received and expenditures related to specific projects.
  • Reporting and Compliance: Prepare and submit grant reports, ensuring compliance with funding agreements. Provide accurate financial and programmatic reports to donors in a timely manner.
  • Diversification: Explore and implement a diversified approach to fundraising, including crowdfunding, corporate sponsorships, and donor engagement strategies.
  • Networking: Attend relevant events, conferences, and meetings to build the organization’s network within the fundraising and donor community.
  • Stakeholder Engagement: Collaborate with partners to integrate fundraising efforts with project plans. Ensure that funding is appropriately allocated to meet project requirements.
  • Impact Storytelling: Share success stories and outcomes of funded projects with donors and sponsors to demonstrate the positive impact of their support.


  • Regular report and update to the Program Manager;
  • Draft progress reports and thematic reports if required;

Stakeholder Management:

  • Act as focal point for regular communication and work with SMEs and partners Mobilize support, investment and buy-in from public and private partners in the value chain, national and local governments etc.


  • Contribute to the development of communication materials/publications for the project
  • Provide input to proposal development
  • Be responsible of regular communication with related stakeholders for the project plans and progress.

Monitoring & Evaluation:

  • Input for the project M&E system.


Knowledge and Experience:

  • Bachelor’s degree in Business, Project Management, or related field (Master’s degree a plus).
  • Proven experience in project coordination or management, particularly in SME support.
  • Excellent organizational and time management skills.
  • Strong communication and interpersonal abilities.
  • Proficiency in project management tools and software.
  • Problem-solving and critical thinking skills.
  • Knowledge of SME challenges, opportunities, and trends.
  • Certification in project management (e.g., PMP) is a plus.
  • Passion for, knowledge of and experience in sustainability
  • Spoken and written communication skills in Swahili (native) and English (fluent).
  • Willingness to travel extensively to the rural regions.