List of Selected Youths to Join Tanzanian Police Force, September 2023

(Orodha ya Vijana waliochaguliwa Kujiunga na Jeshi la Polisi) List of Selected Youths to Join Tanzanian Police Force.

Announcement of reporting to Moshi Police School For Youths Selected to join the Tanzanian Police Force

Tangazo la kuripoti shule ya Polisi Moshi kwa vijana waliochaguliwa kujiunga na Jeshi la Polisi Tanzania.

In an exciting development, the Tanzanian Police Force has released an announcement inviting selected youths to report to the esteemed Moshi Police School. This marks a significant phase in their journey to becoming a part of the nation’s revered police force, serving and protecting the community.

Every year, numerous young Tanzanians aspire to join the ranks of the police force, drawn by a sense of duty, a passion for public service, or the allure of a disciplined, structured career. For those who have been chosen this year, this is a moment of pride, recognition, and immense responsibility.

The Moshi Police School, known for its rigorous training and commitment to excellence, will serve as their alma mater, molding them into professionals ready to tackle the challenges of modern-day policing. From understanding the law to physical training and developing strong community ties, the school promises a comprehensive education for its recruits.

How to Check if You’ve Been Selected

If you or someone you know applied and are eager to find out if you’ve been one of the selected few, there’s an easy way to do it. The full list of names of the selected youths is available for download. To get access to this list, simply visit Make sure to spread the word so that everyone gets a chance to check and prepare in time.

In conclusion, this is not just an announcement. It’s a testament to the dedication and zeal of our youth, ready to embark on a challenging yet rewarding career. We wish all the new recruits the very best in their training and subsequent service to our beloved nation.