Intern/Volunteer Job Vacancy at Amref International, 2024


Contract duration: 6 Months

Reports to the: Finance Officer

Job location: Dar es Salaam

AMREF International


The purpose of the job:

to support the Finance Officer with processing and coordination inside the designated area of expertise.


  • Records management; help with debtors’ and prepayment files’ upkeep as well as donor financial report preparation.
  • Data preparation and entry include processing JVs for all MPESA requests, reviewing and coding purchase requisitions and staff imprest in the ERP, and preparing internal recovery and reconciliation journals. Daily data entry is also done from payment vouchers, petty cash vouchers, surrender journal entries, and receipts against banking credit slips.
  • Managing Creditors: keeping track of current creditor status (comparing invoices to LPOs and GRNs, verifying invoice accuracy and correctness, and preparing payments to creditors).
  • Making every effort to ensure that all bills are based on POs; exceptions require authorized reason. reviewing the accounts of debtors and answering questions from suppliers.
  • Managing Debtors entails keeping track of current debtor status, confirming staff eligibility for imprest prior to approving requests, tracking down receipts and invoices for deposited funds, examining debtor accounts, and keeping an eye on imprest.
  • Maintaining ledgers, creating bank reconciliation statements and interledger reconciliations, and fixing monthly audit trails.
  • Conduct audits; assist assigned projects with their audit needs, prepare files before the audit visit, and reply to audit-related questions and concerns as needed.
  • Grants management: oversee and coordinate the project’s risk, accounting, reporting, and compliance.
  • Evaluate and complete the budgets of subrecipients, draft contracts and agreements, and monitor compliance.
  • In conjunction with the Senior Finance Officer, handle grant administration letters and issues.
  • Get and examine all subrecipients’ periodic grant reports, liquidate the eligible expenditures, and take appropriate action on the expenses that are deemed ineligible.
  • Give each subrecipient feedback on how well they performed with their funds, offer technical assistance, and keep an eye on them to make sure they are adhering to all project requirements.
  • Give subrecipients capacity building and on-the-ground mentoring so they can plan, carry out, oversee, and document grants awarded.
  • Plan and lead training sessions, workshops, or seminars for the subrecipients to help them better grasp the grant application, implementation, reporting, and accounting procedures.
  • Any additional obligations given to you by a supervisor.

Date of Closure: June 15, 2024.