Bayer Tanzania Vacancy, October 2023

Bayer Tanzania Vacancy

Bayer Tanzania

Bayer Life Sciences Tanzania Limited’s offices are based in Arusha Tanzania with two warehouses and an office. There is another office in Mbeya town in Southern Tanzania with one big warehouse too.

There are Bayer Pharma and Consumer Health products available on the market, but these are distributed into Tanzania from the Nairobi office in Kenya. In Tanzania the Agricultural Sector is the foundation of the Tanzanian economy. It accounts for about half of the national income, three quarters of merchandise exports and is the source of food in addition to the provision of employment opportunities to about 75% of Tanzanians. Agriculture also supports agro-processing, consumption and export; provides raw materials to industries and a market for manufactured goods. The main food crops in Tanzania include maize, sorghum, millet, rice, and wheat. Production of food crops varies from year to year depending on the amount of rainfall received. The six main cash crops are cashew nuts, coffee, cotton, sisal, tea and tobacco.

After the acquisition of Monsanto, Bayer Life Science Tanzania’s product basket now offers five Dekalb maize hybrids. The crop protection portfolio includes products like Belt 480SC, Decis Forte, Confidor, Velum Prime, Thunder, Folicur and Nativo; herbicides such as Roundup, and seed treatment products like Gaucho.

Bayer Tanzania Vacancy, October 2023


Field Production Supervisor at Bayer Tanzania