Apprentice Aircraft Maintenance Technician Job Vacancy at Precision Air – 8 Positions

Job Title: Apprentice Aircraft Maintenance Technician Job Vacancy – 8 Positions

Precision Air is a Tanzanian airline based at Julius Nyerere International Airport in Dar es Salaam.

Role Purpose Statement:

To undertake a structured training program of class training and on-job-training for Base/Line/workshop work in order to gain the required skills and knowledge to support the operational requirements of an approved maintenance organization, and airline operator.


  • Complete a structured apprentice training program over four years theoretical and OJT and acquire TCAA licenses.
  • Observing, learning and understanding a wide range of engineering skills and processes while under the instruction of skilled technical staff.
  • To be able to demonstrate these skills and processes as the training period progresses by working independently or with a team, to undertake tasks as instructed and increasing overall contribution to the department.
  • Learn to read and interprets maintenance manuals, or other technical data to determine the feasibility and method to perform the assigned tasks.
  • Learn to inspect aircraft structures and/or aircraft airframe systems and components (such as mechanical flight control, hydraulic and fuel systems) following defined inspection program and utilizing visual inspection techniques or inspection aids (such as precision measuring equipment) as required.
  • Learn to replace or repair damaged or worn aircraft structural or dynamic (rotary) components utilizing general hand tools and pneumatic tools and structural repair equipment.
  • Learn to perform removal, assembly and replacement of aircraft component or system parts as required.
  • Learn to properly document all inspection findings and work performed/corrective action in the appropriate maintenance records to meet established standards.
  • Learn to maintain work areas and tools in a clean and organized manner, practices proper tool and FOD control.
  • Learning and understanding the importance of Health and safety within the workspace
  • Work in accordance with established safety practices including proper use of personal protective equipment; maintain a neat and orderly work area
  • Learn to perform work safely and utilizes the appropriate technical data for the assigned task.
  • Learn to monitors and supports continuous improvement activities by utilizing Lean and continuous improvement tools striving to identify and eliminate waste in all its forms in an effort to improve quality and safety, decrease lead time and reduce cost.
  • Assist mechanics with a variety of mechanical duties on various aircraft models involving diagnosis of malfunctions and required disassembly, rework, repair, replacement, reassembly or adjustment of various aircraft systems to prepare aircraft for flight and delivery to customer
  • Maintain watch and meet aircraft on taxi ramp
  • Tow, park, and secure aircraft at various ramp and hangar locations
  • To maintain a logbook over the duration of the apprenticeship period, recording tasks that have been undertaken and the skills learned.
  • To maintain and to ensure general good housekeeping of the workplace and all related areas.
  • To maintain a smart appearance and to act in a professional manner at all times whether on or off work/duty.
  • Responsible for safety as referenced in the Safety Management Manual [SMM] Doc ref. PW/CM/002.
  • To perform any other duties appropriate to the grade and role of the post holder, as assigned.

Qualification Required:

  • Diploma in either Mechanical, Aeronautical, Electrical, Electronics or Telecommunications.
  • Engineering degree (mechanical, aeronautical, electrical/electronic or Telecommunications) would be an added advantage.

Job closing date: 19-Nov-2023