6 Enumerator Job Vacancies at HIHEA TZ, 2024

Job Title: Enumerator – 6 Posts

Division: Monitoring and Assessment (M&E).
Answers to: Manager of MEL.
Location: Branch Office in Arusha.

Hand in Hand Eastern Africa-Tanzania (HIHEA TZ)

A non-governmental organization (NGO) with a mission to operate in Tanzania, Hand in Hand Eastern Africa-Tanzania (HIHEA TZ) is a member of the Hand in Hand Global Network and has been registered in Tanzania since 2016. Our goal is to create jobs and sustainable businesses that will empower society, particularly women. At the moment, HIHEA (TZ) oversees field operations through five branches located in Dodoma, Arusha, Moshi, Singida, and Manyara.

Range of Work
The Arusha region needs enumerators to do quantitative data gathering, and Hand in Hand Eastern Africa-Tanzania (HIHEA TZ) is looking to fill this position. In May 2024, this assignment will be completed. Enumerators will be responsible for conducting interviews with people chosen in accordance with the sampling process and making sure the data gathered is legitimate and accurate while working under the supervision of the monitoring and evaluation team.

Obligations and Liabilities:

The enumerators will carry out the following tasks and obligations.

  • Attend the training on evaluation.
  • Recognize the assignment’s objectives, tools, and scope. Conduct yourself professionally.
  • To ensure that the survey is completed correctly, make sure you read and comprehend all of the instructions included in the training materials, data collection manual, and questionnaire.
  • Plan the survey’s execution in conjunction with the supervisors, and submit a daily report on the status of the job.
  • In order to encourage respondents to complete the survey, please include an introduction that includes your name, position, and employer.
  • Make sure that all information pertaining to the evaluation is accurate, full, and confidential. Avoid having outside parties present and carefully follow any directions that are given.
  • A list of participants will be given to the enumerators, who will then approach each person to conduct an interview.
  • The enumerators will get in touch with the supervisor if interviewees refuse to cooperate.
  • Employing both qualitative and quantitative interview techniques, people can be questioned to gather pertinent information.
  • For qualitative data collectors, transcribe audio recordings of focus groups, interviews, and other data collection techniques.
  • Help gather participant comments and ideas, if needed.
  • Additional tasks that the coordinator of the evaluation designates.

Qualities and Attributes:

  • Capacity to actively listen, pay close attention, and comprehend the points being stated in order to obtain information in an impartial, suitable, and sensitive manner.
  • Possibility of using ODK and Kobo Collect to gather survey data
  • Capacity to establish connections based on trust
  • Able to maintain confidence and objectivity
  • Capable at extracting data without pressuring the interviewee
  • Education level and necessary experience
  • A diploma or degree, preferably in a closely related field such as business administration, sociology, statistics, economics, agriculture, development economics, project management, or community development.
  • A master’s degree will be beneficial.
  • Two years or more of experience gathering data, either qualitatively or quantitatively
  • Comprehensive knowledge of community dynamics
  • Familiarity with collecting data with recorders and tablets
  • Adept in fundamental interviewing methods and detail-oriented
  • Proficiency in both written and spoken Swahili and English is a prerequisite language.
  • Knowledge of Maasai language is an extra benefit.

Procedure for applications:

On or before May 13, 2024, at the latest, all qualified and interested individuals should send their resumes, mentioning the position for which they are applying, to procurementtz@handinhand-ea.org.

Note: If you have previously been engaged by Hand in Hand, kindly do not apply.